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Certified Quit Smoking Hypnotherapist Michael Whelehan

✓ 100% Safe With Results Guaranteed

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Listen to how easy it was for these thrilled clients. For many, it almost seems like they never smoked.

It feels like a 'new life' where it is normal to be a non-smoker. It sounds strange, but this is the power of our unique BQT system, which uses Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) to totally reprogram the subconscious mind.

✓ 100% Safe With Results Guaranteed

What our customers say:

Please click HERE to see more video testimonials and hear how easy quitting is with the Breathe Quit Technique. You can also find our 120+ Google/Facebook reviews at the link above.  See below for some excerpts from our reviews.

Easy effortless and actually works. The most success I have had and actually a pleasant experience to go through

Rob Simpson



Best decision I made, never looked back..”

Esther Carls



The challenge was accepted. The terms..Life. This is what Breathe Hypnotherapy has given me....One call. 35+ years as a smoker. We did it! Thank you Wayne, from NY,NY



Wayne Hurst



"Since hypnotherapy on the 8th of December, l have not touched a cigarette going from 25 a day to nil in 1hr still amazes me. I'm so very happy as is my family and friends. I get so much enjoyment telling people l have quit I feel empowered and strong with my progress everyday. Thank you 

Ashley Grant



✓ 100% Safe With Results Guaranteed

✓ 100% Safe With Results Guaranteed