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20 years ago

the next best time is NOW!

I'm wondering, what are you waiting for? I remember exactly what it was like to be trapped by that horrible habit. Thinking, well I've got a big weekend coming up, or I'll wait till after Christmas, or work is very stressful at the moment and I'll do it when things settle down. Don't delay any longer. When you quit with BQT you feel like you ... 



How much do you spend on cigarettes per year? Many smokers spend $5,000 - $10,000 per year!  Imagine what you could do with the extra money? Go on a holiday? Put the money towards a house?

According to statistics the average smoker spends $80,000 on cigarettes in their lifetime. Not to mention the average smoker lessens their life by an average of 10 - 14 years, so you will be adding many healthy, quality years to your life. And at a cost that is less than you probably spend on smoking in a couple of weeks.


How much would you invest to:-

  • Live longer to see your kids grow up

  • Feel fitter, healthier, sleep better, have more energy, less stress

  • Not be embarrassed by smoking, having to sneak out or make excuses, or have people give you that look when they see you smoking or smell smoke on you

  • See the pride in the eyes of those who love you when they realize you are now back in control

Why other quitting methods

didn't work​ for you

If you're like many smokers, you have probably tried various methods to quit, which just haven't worked. And it's not your fault!  Here's why: these other methods do not address the real problem with smoking.  Research on the main methods used to quit smoking show very low success rates, which explains why you have failed in the past.  See below for the low success rates for other quit smoking methods, and the secret as to why these other methods do not work.

The number one secret that explains why your past attempts were unsuccessful

Nicotine addiction is not the problem! 

The other secret to those past unsuccessful attempts?  Not one of the other methods address the real problem, which is that you have a powerful, powerful habit. How many times do you perform the action of lifting a cigarette to your lips every day? I'm guessing you have no idea how many times you actually inhale on each cigarette. Most people guess that they take anywhere between 10 - 20 drags on each cigarette. Multiply that by 15 cigarettes per day,  so you may be doing that repetitive action of lifting that cigarette to your lips more than 300 times per day, and you have been doing that every single day for how many decades now?  What other repetitive actions do you perform that many times per day? Apart from things like blinking, breathing, the number of steps you take?  All these things are handled by your unconscious mind. Explain this to your non-smoking friends who say "Why don't you just stop doing it". Ask them to stop blinking and see how long they last!  The reason our BQT system has a better than 95% success rate is that we eliminate this habit where it is stored, in your unconscious mind. And of course, the methods below do not deal with the subconscious mind, and therefore have very little success as shown below. 



  • Will Power - Only 3-6%

    Even the small number of smokers who quit with will power will either become rabidly anti-smoking, or still look at someone smoking years later and wish they could still smoke. They are often grumpy and bad tempered for weeks or months after quitting.

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy 12-15%

    Ever smoked while you have had a nicotine patch on? Or ripped it off temporarily while you had a cigarette? If nicotine addiction was the real problem, why would you ever smoke when you get way more nicotine from patches than the cigarettes? Because the bigger addiction is to the powerful habit stored in your unconscious mind!

  • Prescription Drugs Only 15-20% 

    Not only do these drugs rarely work in the long term (most smokers only quit for a few months), they can actually be dangerous;

    The FDA insists on these drugs carrying warnings for risks of depression and suicidal thoughts

  • Vaping, herbal remedies, acupuncture? 

    There are no real clinical studies on these, but anecdotally, they have no more success than placebo. And vaping is the worst as most people end up swapping their smoking habit with an even more powerful habit because they vape everywhere! And we have no idea of the long term dangers of breathing vapor into the lungs!

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